Click on the red button.
US Patent No. 7,153,069
  • 5 Second Insert Changes
  • Rock-Solid insert clamping
  • Uniform clamping pressure
  • No threads to strip out
  • No screws to break
  • No wrenches to lose
  • No over-tightening
  • All common sizes available
  • Far less skill required
  • No parts to replace
  • No wear components

The Insert is shown locked in place. It is being held with over 8,000 PSI clamping pressure.

Pushing on the release button unloads the locking cam, and releases the clamp for easy insert access.

The release button stays pushed-in, and the clamp lever locks in the open position. This allows the operator free access to replace the insert.

Pushing down on the clamp lever releases the internal hold-open mechanism, and allows the 8,000 PSI clamping pressure to be applied to the insert.

Click to release the insert.
Click on the insert clamp.Click to lock the insert.
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