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About Click Change, Inc.3 Tool Holders

Click Change, Inc is an out-growth of Axian Technology, Inc., a long established, and very successful aerospace components manufacturing company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Axian Technology was established in 1959, and has built components that are in virtually every type of aircraft flying today. From instrument parts to gas turbine engine hot-section components, Axian is a World-Class manufacturer.

It is this background that found the engineers at Axian looking for process improvements, and cost reduction techniques. Their analysis of the production processes at Axian showed that the complexity and variability of insert replacement was one of the single most costly aspects of production. Especially the insert variability induced by the operators.

This realization, and the need to do something about it found a partnership with another Axian initiative. Axian was developing an unattended machining system similar to its patented DarkMill. This effort required an automated method of insert replacement. The convergence of these two activities resulted in the Click Change Toolholder.

The Click Change Toolholder is Born!

From these efforts, the Click Change Toolholder was developed. A U.S. Patent was issued, and worldwide patent coverage was obtained. Initial development centered on the workhorse insert types, CNMG, DNMG, and VNMG for 'Stick' type toolholders. The product line continues to expand with boring bars, positive type insert tools, Sandvik Capto and Kennametal KM modular tooling units now available.