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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about our tool holdersBoring Bar

Does the insert stay in?

In the thousands of tools that we have sold since the Click Change introduction in 2005, we know of no instance where the mechanism has failed to hold the insert. The clamping mechanism is cam driven, and has a high leverage ratio. This makes for a very rigid insert clamp.

How is the repeatability?

The Insert pocket is far superior to any other in use today, and it is the pocket that determines the repeatability. Our pockets are hardened to HRC 56-58, and are precision machined. The repeatability is as good as the insert and the cleanliness excercised when changing the insert.

Can I try one without risk?30 Day Guarantee

Of course. If you're not happy, send the tool back, and we'll cancel the invoice, or refund your money. No questions asked! We want ALL of our customers to be happy and making money with the Click Change Tool Holder.

Will it work for all applications?

Probably not. Every machining application is different, and the Click Change is available in limited styles, so there are situations where the tool may not fit. It is slightly larger that a standard tool, and tight conditions may present some cleaarance issues.

What kind on maintenance is needed?

The tool is designed to be maintaince free, but a yearly cleaning and lubrication is recommended. There are no parts that need periodic replacement. The chip shields are metal to metal, and all internal parts are hardened to HRC 56-60.

What about chips pushing the release button?

The release button requires a significant force to release the insert, and the release button is located well below the cutting centerline, and away from where chips can accumulate. There have been no reported instances of accidental insert release.

Can I take heavy cuts in Inconel, stellite, and hasteloy?

The tool can take anything that you can dish out. The strength is in the pocket, and in the tool body itself. The tool is made from alloy steel hardened to HRC 56-58 at the insert pocket. The clamp bar is S7 tool steel, HRC 56-58. A note here, however. The more aggressive that the cut is, the more rigid that the 'setup' must have. The 'setup' includes the machine, the workpiece, the toolholder, and the toolholder mounting system. Vibration is the enemy of the machining world, and also of the Click Change Toolholder. Excessive vibration will cause less than optimum performance.