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Welcome to the world of high technology tool holders. Click Change has developed and patented an entirely new family of carbide insert cutting tool holders. The engineers at Click Change recognized the tremendous costs involved in the insert changing process, and set about developing a solution that has dramatically cut production costs, scrap, and training requirments. It also reduces the skill level that is required to successfully change inserts and keep the job running.

Our tool holders allow a machine operator to change inserts in just seconds instead of minutes. And in the world of production, where every minute can cost a dollar or more, this tool can pay for itself in just days.

Gone forever are the days of fumbling with and dropping wrenches, breaking or stripping out screws, and living with soft insert pockets that wear out and lose their positioning ability. This is truly the tool of the future. And it's here NOW.

Please browse through our website, and take the time to learn the details of our truly special tool holders. they are available in many sizes, and insert configurations.

Will They Work For You?

The Click Change Tool holder will successfully replace the old style holders that you are now using, whether you are roughing, finishing, or a combination. Our tools are robust and ready to handle your most demanding applications. We manufacture our tools from the highest grade materials, and spare no expense in quality and design. There are no wrenches needed to change inserts, and there is no operator-induced variability when inserts are replaced. The problems with operators overtightening, mis-aligning, stripping screws, and losing wrenches are a thing of the past.

Our tools are saving money for hundreds of companies in the US, and around the world.